Zynga Poker League (ZPL) FAQ

The Zynga Poker League is an opportunity for players to flex their aptitudes and contend with millions! Amid the eight-week long season, Zynga Poker players monitor their advancement on the leaderboard as they race up the League positions to turn into the League’s victor.

                                              What is the Zynga Poker League?

The Zynga Poker League is now in its sixth season and available on the Web and mobile devices! Season just started and will end on Monday June, 1st at 6PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).


How does the Zynga Poker League work?

The Zynga Poker League is currently in its 6th season and accessible on the Web and cell phones! Season just began and will finish on Monday June, first at 6PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Zynga Poker League (ZPL) offers another approach to contend with different players around your aptitude level, regardless of whether you never take a seat at a table with them. Players will be assembled with up to 99 individuals and positioned dependent on gross chips won. Toward the finish of every week everybody will get a little virtual prize, however the top entertainers in each League will improve virtual prizes just as advancement into a higher bigger virtual prize association.

How would I get went into the Zynga Poker League Season?

Simply play a hand and you’ll be entered. It’s that simple.

Imagine a scenario in which I would prefer not to be in a Zynga Poker League.

In the event that you don’t wish to partake, you can generally quit by means of your diversion settings.

To what extent does a Season last?

The ebb and flow Season will keep running through the span of about two months.


What number of levels are there and what number of divisions per level?

Ace, Elite, Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze are the six levels; each comprises of three divisions.

What number of individuals am I contending with at any one time?

When you are set into a level you will rival up to 99 different players in your division for the rest of that week.

I need to contend with my companions in a similar League. Is that conceivable?

Except if you’re put in a similar level and division, you won’t almost certainly contend legitimately with your companions.

Where would i be able to discover data about the flow season?

You can generally get to your class information by means of the ‘Association’ tab or catch in the entryway or at a table.

Will other individuals have the capacity to perceive what my League rank is?

Your poker amigos will almost certainly observe your present League rank however every other person might most likely observe your Tier and Division.

How is ongoing interaction for League any not quite the same as would be expected interactivity?

There is no distinction in ongoing interaction, anyway the Zynga Poker League will follow your gross rewards and offer virtual prizes dependent on how well you play.

Do I have to pay so as to be effective in the Zynga Poker League?

You don’t need to pay to make progress in the Zynga Poker League.

Would i be able to play as an individual from a group on the off chance that I play in a League?

There are no Teams in the flow Zynga Poker League Season. Each player contends as their own element a

nd gets 100% of the prizes they acquire.

Do chips I purchase add to my League rank?

Chips acquired in amusement don’t add to your group rank. Association rank is exclusively determined by gross chips won.


When does Season Six begin?

Season six begins on Monday, April sixth 2015 at 6PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and finishes on Monday, June first 2015 at 6PM and will keep going for about two months.

For what reason is my starting level not quite the same as my consummation level in last season?

Toward the beginning of each new season, your starting level is determined dependent on your most recent couple of long stretches of play.

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