How to buy zynga poker chips at


If your new at purchasing zynga poker chips at our site, there’s something that you should know.

Alright lets begin with our clarification beneath.

1. What is the packages.

Here we give a few packages that contain different zynga chips amount, so you can pick the package that you need. Every bundle contain some free rewards.

2. Payment Methods

We are globaly zynga poker chips broker, so we use US$ as the cash.

So how you will pay the bundle that you need? its simple, you can utilize some virtual installment, for example,

Neteller (suggested)

Bitcoin (profoundly  suggested)

Skrill (suggested)

Paypal (under 100m as it were)

3. How the chips conveyed?

Its straightforward, for quick exchange reason, we use teamviewer to remote your PC legitimately and the chips transfered rapidly.

4. I comprehend and I need to buy the package now

So you need to buy the chips? Give me a chance to manage you how to buy :

Pick the package that you need

Pick which payment that you need to utilize (read point 2)

Talk our client backing and disclose to us which bundle you need and what installment you will utilize

Pay the bundle utilizing virtual installment

After you pay, give us your teamviewer ID and secret key

While we remote your PC straightforwardly, you can hold up until the proccess wrapped up

Done!!! you get the chips in less minutes.

Its so natural huh? so what you sitting tight for? purchase now!!!

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